Hino Heavy Trucks / Hino Medium Trucks (LHD/RHD)

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HINO Trucks (LHD & RHD) Light / Medium / Heavy [05.2016]
Hino trucks and busses. VIN search is available

HIECHO II is the parts catalog for HINO Light / Medium / Heavy Duty trucks and busses. Hino HIECHO II includes information for both LHD and RHD models. VIN search function is available in this version.

Hino HIECHO II parts catalog covers the following models:

Hino Light Trucks

Quote:DYNA 1999-07-->
Hino 300 2002-09-->

Hino Medium / Heavy Trucks

Quote:300 Series LD Trucks
500 Series MD Trucks
700 Series HD Trucks

Hino Busses

Quote:Light Buses
Medium Buses
Heavy Buses

Region: All regions 
Languages: English-japan
Type: Spare parts Catalog 
Version: 05-2015
OS: WinXP, Windows7-10
Quantity of CD: 1 DVDs
Year: 2015
Date of update: MAY/2016

before starting the software you have to set the date of the pc at 7/2016

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