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Daf 2016 description of the catalogue:

Spare parts identification catalog DAF RAPIDO contains the full information on all series of lorries DAF, since 70th years, and also the information on axes and a suspension bracket of trailers (BPW, ROR, SAF, Trailor, Fruehauf). It is delivered on three CDs, at full installation - 5.2Gb, except for spare parts the program contains the catalogue of accessories and the additional equipment, technical bulletins of firm " DAF-TRUCK N.V. " (an example, the bulletin about replacement of naves of the back bridge) and instructions on installation of the additional equipment (an example, the instruction on installation of electric heating the engine for 95XF), and also catalogues of details of axes and suspension brackets of trailers. In the program DAF RAPIDO there is full decoding VIN, search on VIN, models, to number of the engine, the name or number of a detail. Except for it in the program DAF RAPIDO there are very useful, but functions extremely seldom meeting in programs, comparison of original numbers of details of two various numbers of the chassis and translation of numbers O.E.M. of manufacturers (used on DAF) in original numbers. All restrictions (for one session any quantity of machines and VIN numbers is possible to look) are removed from the program, as against versions sold on the various markets.

Don`t press Enter after entering VIN. Just select needed group icon by mose and press left button.
Chassis number description 0EXXXXXX:
- 0 - zero, not letter O.
- E - letter (for example L - its for DAF45).
- XXXXXX - digits.

Front Axle
Rear Axle
Engine Auxiliaries
Engine Installation
Ancillary Parts
Steering Gear
Brake System
Electric System
Other main features:
Safety Data Sheet
Installation Instructions
Vehicle ID Cards
Rapido Commercial
Printing matters
Parts Bulletins

Rapido Version: ESG-PR32-MR-2.4-03009

Chasno.(IPPS): 0G049848
Chasno.(CPLS): TGH100
Chasno.(Bus): 0H016023

Language: English

Attention .. from 2014 .. some old models have been deleted from the daf database


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