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Hino Diagnostic Explorer 3 Hino DXIII Ver.1.23.1 06.2023 Diagnostic Software
Size: 2.38GB (Winrar Files)
Type of software: Hino DXIII diagnostic program for trucks Hino
Type of vehicle: Truck
Interface Languages: Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Thai, English, Russian, French, Indonesian,
Database Languages: Only English
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 32 & 64 bit (Tested on Windows 10 Pro v1904)
Date: 02.2023
Version: Ver.1.23.6
Installation: Multiple PCs
Instruction: Present

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.
-Vehicle reconnection prevention function has been implemented.
1) If the connection with the vehicle cannot be confirmed for a certain period of time during the diagnosis, a confirmation screen will appear prompting you to check the connection status of the connectors and cables.
After the confirmation screen is displayed, screen operations are restricted until the connection with the vehicle is confirmed.
*The connection is checked when operating the screen, and if it can be confirmed, the operation will be executed, and if it cannot be confirmed, the confirmation screen will be displayed again.
2) When checking the connection after the confirmation screen is displayed, if a connection to another vehicle is detected, a warning screen will be displayed and the diagnosis will end.
-When accessing GSPS from the HINO DXⅢ screen, it is no longer necessary to enter the ID/PW on the browser side. (Digital certificate selection is still required)
This function is only compatible with Microsoft Edge.
If you are using a browser other than Microsoft Edge, please switch to Microsoft Edge.
-The screen display when referring to the device information installed in the vehicle learned in the past has been changed.
Before) Confirm the connection of only the referenced device, and display only the referenced device on the system selection screen
After) Confirm the connection of only the referenced device, and display it on the system selection screen including other devices than the referenced device
-Implemented the installer manual download function. (in the "Other" function)
User can check the installer version update status at any time.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.
-Active test can now be performed even when the data monitor item is selected and the data monitor is not being executed.
*To start the data monitor, it is necessary to end the active test once.
-System information and memo contents of the played file are now displayed on the data monitor playback screen.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.
-Added language support. (Vietnamese)

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Fixed some bugs.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Updated the database.
-Fixed some bugs.

-Fixed a bug in the data transmission / reception function with the server.

-Function addition
A print function for timeline data (work history) has been added to "Special working".

-Updated the database.

-Updated the database.

-Updated the database.

-HINO DXⅢ has been released.

Primary Model:
700 series
600 series(Conventional)
500 series
300 series
Bus/Coach, Heavy
Bus/Coach, Medium
Bus/Coach, Light
Industrial Engine
300 series(COE) (North America)
300 series (N engine)
300 series (J engine)

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