Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link 8.06 + SERVICELINK

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Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link 8.06 + SERVICELINK

Diagnostic Software Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link 8.3 (DDDL 8.03) 
Type of catalogue: Diagnostic Software
Make: Detroit diesel
Region: WorldWide
 languages: English
Amount of
 disks: 1 CD
OS:  Windows 7 32 bit, Wnidows 7 64 bit, Windows 8/8.1 32 bit, Windows 8/8.1 64 bit


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I. - Introducing DDDL 8.0 basic features - This application is the electronic tool for servicing Detroit Diesel¡¦s EPA07, EPA10, and GHG14 equipped engines (S-60, MBE4000, MBE900, DD13, DD15, DD16). Note: It is not backward compatible with earlier versions of Detroit Diesel electronic systems. Those systems will continue to be serviced with DDDL 6.X. The DDEC VI electronics system contains two controllers, the MCM (Motor Control Module) and the CPC (Common Powertrain Controller). The DDEC10 system includes the MCM, CPC and ACM
 (Aftertreatment Control Module). DDDL 7.10 allows the user to perform the following standard operations on both engine platforms:
 1- Perform Standard Fault Code Operations
 2- Links to Traditional and Advanced Troubleshooting Information
 3- Read Actual Values
 4- Configure and Manage Parameters
 5- Perform Service Routines
 6- Playback Logs of All Connected Activity
 7- Automatic Software Updates from our server

 II - Software Enhancements
 Windows 8 compatible
 Data files (Log, Parameter, XML¡Ke.g.) were moved to a new default location for better Windows 7 support
 Detroit Transmission (DT12) troubleshooting is now included in the tool
 Fixed MCM auto connect issue
 Fixed Chart Instrument update issue
 Crash issue resolved when Exporting parameter fileFixed MCM auto connect issue

 III. - System Requirements
 IMPORTANT NOTE: As the diagnostic and reprogramming software applications have evolved, the requirements for additional computer storage capacity and memory has increased. Please review these computer specifications carefully and take any necessary steps to update your hardware as needed.
 Component Minimum
 Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 (32 & 64 bit)
 1.8 Ghz processor
 1.0 GB RAM
 40 Gigabyte Hard drive with 20 Gigabyte free
 32x CD ROM Drive
 Monitor and graphics card supporting 1024 x 768 resolution and 16-bit color
 1 free USB port
 Internet or Mainframe Connection to DDC Server (for updates)
 Hardware Adapter Device (One of the following)
 . Nexiq MagiKey device with parallel cable
 . Nexiq USB-Link with USB cable (Required for Cascadia diagnostics)
 * Laptops purchased from Detroit Diesel beginning in August 2006 meet the minimum specifications. Any purchase prior to this time may need to be upgraded. As of May 1, 2011, Detroit Diesel discontinued offering the Dell Laptop.
 Component Recommended
 IntelR Core. 2 Duo, AMD Athlon. 64X2, or equivalent
 2.0+ GHz Dual-Core processor
 2 GB RAM or more
 100 GB hard drive with 20 GB free space
 DVD ROM drive
 Monitor and graphics card supporting 1280 x 1024 resolution and 32-bit color
 Parallel port, three free USB ports
 High Speed Internet - Broadband Internet

 Adapter device (One of the following)
 . Nexiq MagiKey device with parallel cable
 . Nexiq USB-Link with USB cable (Required for Cascadia diagnostics)
 Note: Bluetooth functionality NOT approved at this time
 Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 (32 & 64 bit)

 IV. - Translator box / cables requirements - Here are some key general points to remember when connecting to the MCM, ACM and CPC with
 DDDL 7.10:
 1 - For DDDL 7.10 the only translator box fully validated with Detroit Diesel software applications is the Nexiq USB Link, which is RP1210A compliant with J1939 and CAN connectivity. (P/N 125032) Translators that support J-1708 communicationosn ly will not work with DDDL 7.10 under any circumstances.
 2 - All EPA07 vehicles contain a 9-pin Deutsch connector wired to support J-1939/ CAN communications and J-1708 communications. EPA10 vehicles support J1939/CAN exclusively.
 3 - All operations may be carried out on a vehicle that has both the MCM and CPC properly installedN. ote: There must be a CPC physically present on the vehicle in order for communications to be established with the MCM.
 4 - When plugging into the 9 pin Deutsch connector on the vehicle you mu sutse a mating 9-pin connector fully wired to support J-1939 / CAN communications. The old style 6 to 9-pin Deutsch adapter will not work.
 5 - Diagnostic adapters that will work with the DDEC VI/DDEC10 system include P/N 405048 (6 and 9-pin ¡§Y¡¨ adapter) and P/N J-46931, the J1939 9-pin Deutsch Connector that was part of the DDEC V programming station upgrade kit.

 V. - Installing DDDL 7.10
 Before installing DDDL 7.10 you must remove any version of Detroit Diesel¡¦s software to minimize the chance of any conflicts with older versions of the software. Please use the Windows Control Panel¡¦s ¡§Add / Remove Software¡¨ option to perform this operation.
 NEW: With this version, both DDDL 7.10 and DDDL 6.50 installed together and will share the same registration key
 . DDDL 6.50 cannot be used unless DDDL 7.10 is installed and registered on the same computer.

 VI - Updating your DDDL software
 1) CD updates:
 These will be required for major changes to the program such as changes to the graphical user interface.
 2) Direct Server updates
 New CBF files that will allow the user to work with updated levels of ECU software and add functionality to the tool
 New cases for Advanced Diagnostics as they are developed from field experience
 These updates are initiated from within the DDDL software application. An internet connection is required to use this feature.

 VI. - Registration / Support - After the first installation of DDDL 7.10/6.50, the user will have access for a 30-day trial period. During this trial period, the user should obtain an Access Key. Follow the steps below to get a key:
 1) Launch the DDDL Application from your desktop icon
 2) The license panel will appear with displaying your computer ID. Each computer ID is unique to the computer DDDL is loaded on.

 NOTE: This computer ID is an example only and cannot be used to register your software.
 To register Diagnostic Link 7.10/6.50, contact the Nexiq Support Center a1t -877-974-3539 with 2 pieces of information, the computer ID as shown in the picture immediately above and the numbered label on the back of the CD caseI. n ternational customers can contact Nexiq at 1-248-293-8285. The Nexiq Support Center also provides basic support for DDDL 7.10/6.50 relating to installation and connectivity issues.

 VII. - DDEC Reports 8.03 - DDEC reports is not installed with any version of Diagnostic Link, but is available on this CD at no additional charge. This version of DDEC Reports supportsa ll current production engines platforms . No registration is required. When viewing the standard trip reports, users will notice that several new terms have been added that only apply to DDEC VI and DDEC10 equipped vehicles. An updated glossary of terms used in DDEC Reports can be found in the DDEC Reports help file or by printing out the DDEC Reports Glossary from the CD menu.
 DDEC Reports 8.02 uses both J-1708 and CAN messaging for communicating with the vehicle. You will connect through the vehicle¡¦s 9-pin diagnostic connector to extract data. All the translators that are designated to work with DDDL 7.10 in an earlier section of this document may be used for DDEC Reports extractions as well.

NO HARDWARE! You need hardware to do diagnostic which is not included in this auction.

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