Bobcat Service Analyzer V91.15 Diagnostic Software 2024

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Diagnostic Software Bobcat Service Analyzer

Service Analyzer V 91.15 - 2024

1. New Small Articulated Loader (SAL) main
   controller software (V1.05)
   a. Support for service clock and service
      clock log.

   b. Adjustment to the sensor supply out of
      range faults.

   c. Updaed hydraulic oil temperature warning and
      shutdown setpoints (High 195°F, Extremely
      High 210°F).

   d. Auxiliary pot out of neutral fault will clear on
      next attempt to actvate auxiliary if pot is within
      the neutral range.

   e. Extend and Retract out of neutral fault will clear
      on the next attempt to activate extend or retract if
      pot is within the neutral range.

   f. Arm bar faults require a key cycle to clear.

   g. Support for software version log.

   h. Support for engine hour meter rollover.  Hour meter
      will roll over to 0 when 9999.9 is reached.

   i. Updates to service analyzer diagnostic screens
      and fault code descriptions.

2. Fixed issue where some ECU map files were not properly
   linked causing the following error to appear on
   Service Analyzer No application file available for Engine
   Control Unit (ECU)
Type of catalogue: Diagnostic Software
Make: Bobcat
Region: WorldWide
 languages: Multilanguage

Availibility Instant Download , or dvd
OS:  Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8/8.1 32 bit, Windows 8/8.1 64 bit, windows 10-11.

remote installation  is possible...



Bobcat Service Analyzer contains a tool for programming and diagnosing the Bobcat technique. Software version 87.07 contains a list of fixes and updates that you can read for a better understanding of the program.

Diagnostic tools Bobcat help you find out whether there is a problem with our equipment and solve in time with the diagnostic tool to avoid potential danger. This software will allow you to familiarize yourself with the various technical information and functions of this program, with which you can correctly diagnose your equipment and prevent premature breakdowns.

Diagnostic tools Bobcat is intended for programming, diagnostic, service log, and calibration:
 -  Software updates
 - Change SN/Options
 - Clear Controller Data.
 - Drive pump calibration status
 - Panel
 - Remote Control
 - System
 - Vitals,
 - Edit diagnostic screens
 - Interactive tests and etc.
 With help step by step instructions, you can do diagnostic your equipment.
 Service Analyzer Bobcat a very simple interface, support multilanguage includes  English and recorded on 1 DVD-DL, which consists of basic standard tools. Below you can see release notes.

5600(C)_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
5600(C)_Toolcat Drive Controller.sim
5600(C)_Toolcat Keyed Display.sim
5610_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
5610_Toolcat Drive Controller.sim
5610_Toolcat Keyless Display.sim
A300_Joystick Controller (AWS_SJC).sim
A300_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
A300_Skid Steer Loader 2 Connector Controller (2002_3).sim
a770_Advanced Control System Controller (ACS_AHC).sim
a770_Deluxe Panel (M-Series_ S_N_ 12121 and below).sim
a770_Drive+ Controller.sim
a770_Gateway Controller.sim
a770_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
a770_Standard Panel.sim
CWL L85.preset.xml
CWL L85_Drive.sim
CWL L85_Hub.sim
CWL L85_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
CWL L85_Standard Display.sim
CWL L85_Workgroup.sim
D19_MX Gateway Controller.sim
E10E_EMXrev2 M4 Gateway.sim
E10E_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
E26_MX Gateway Controller.sim
E26_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
E26_Standard Panel.sim
E26_Throttle Controller.sim
E331_Mini-X Keyed Display Panel.sim
E331_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
E35_MX Deluxe Panel.sim
E35_MX Gateway Controller.sim
E35_MX Secondary.sim
E35_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
E42JR_MEX M4 Gateway.sim
E42JR_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
E42JR_Touch Display.sim
E50_MX Keyless Display.sim
E50_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
E50_Throttle Controller.sim
Excavator 331.preset.xml
Excavator D19 (MXGateway).preset.xml
Excavator E10E.preset.xml
Excavator E26 (MXGateway).preset.xml
Excavator E35 (MXGateway).preset.xml
Excavator E42 (R-series).preset.xml
Excavator E50.preset.xml
L28_SAL Primary.sim
L28_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
L28_Standard Panel.sim
MF8925_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
MF8925_Versahandler Drive (Susmic).sim
MF9305_LLM Controller.sim
MF9305_LLM Indicator.sim
MF9305_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
MF9305_Standard Panel.sim
MF9305_Telehandler Drive (NextGen).sim
MF9305_Telehandler Gateway (NextGen).sim
MF9305_Telehandler Workgroup (NextGen).sim
S150_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
S150_Skid Steer Loader 2 Connector Controller (2005).sim
S62H_5_ Standard Display.sim
S62H_R-Series Loader Cab.sim
S62H_R-Series Loader Hub.sim
S62H_R-Series Loader Mid.sim
S62H_R-Series Loader Workgroup.sim
S62H_Service Tool_Datalogger (256k).sim
S850_Advanced Control System Controller (ACS_AHC).sim
S850_Deluxe Panel (M-Series_ S_N_ 12121+).sim
S850_Gateway Controller.sim
S850_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
S850_SSL Drive Controller.sim
S850_Standard Panel.sim
SAL L28.preset.xml
SSL A300 (Bob).preset.xml
SSL A770.preset.xml
SSL S150 (Bob).preset.xml
SSL S62H (R-series Manual).preset.xml
SSL S850.preset.xml
SSL T550 (ACS).preset.xml
SSL T595H (Bobcat Engine).preset.xml
SSL T76H (R-Series SJC).preset.xml
SSL T870 (BSCPA).preset.xml
Standard Panel.sim
T2556_Service Tool_Datalogger.sim
T2556_Versahandler Drive (Susmic).sim
T35.130SLP_LLM 200 Controller.sim
T35.130SLP_LLM 200 Indicator.sim
T35.130SLP_Service Tool_Datalogger (256k).sim
T35.130SLP_Standard Panel.sim

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